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You don’t have to worry what time your food/parcel will get to you. Track the live locations of your assigned dispatch rider and cross out anxieties


You don't have to break the bank to order. DoorStep Dispatch promises a very pocket friendly service


Designed with advanced algorithms and features our mobile app offers an amazing interface that helps users to navigate through the app without any hassle and prompt delivery of food & parcels at your doorstep.


Justin C. Enuonye

When DoorStep Dispatch Services founder Justin C. Enuonye, moved to Lagos state Nigeria , he discovered a great city full of amazing people and so many great restaurants. Due to the growing population in the metropolis of Lagos and its reputation for traffic congestion, people could not just drive to their favourite restaurants at any time to enjoy their favourite meal and most of these restaurants rarely deliver food. He also noticed the number of growing small businesses in the city who were in desperate need for a reliable delivery company to help deliver their items to clients but faced challenges as they are not so many reliable logistics companies in the city therefore he found a need to be met.

Guided by his belief that societal needs should drive innovation and creativity in the delivery of service to customers, Justin always has an eye open for areas where technology might streamline and scale operations. So he took it open him self to find a way to bring the best local restaurants to people’s doorstep at the same time help businesses solve the logistics problem, at that moment the Idea of DoorStep Dispatch services was born. A mobile Application and website that allows users order food from their Favourite restaurant seamlessly and also allows businesses request for package delivery service.

Justin has built what some are calling a revolutionary solution to delivery services, that also has the potential to radically change the way an entire industry does business.

when Justin is not working and innovating ( He always does) he is happiest spending time with his wife and their 2 daughters, an amiable gentleman who also enjoys spending time with friends over drinks, he has recently developed a knack for collecting books and Fragrance.


Jude Obiekwugo (COO)

Driven by his love of growing businesses and teams, Jude is a man who creates exponential growth and motivates his colleagues to succeed. Jude has worked as a team member and led a team in an ICT company until he was approached by Justin join him and help build DoorStep.Jude's desire not to be the best individual contributor, but to build winning teams is a big part of his success. Jude's mission is to create a shared value. He believes clearly communicating the company's vision and recognizing employee efforts creates a team culture that strengthens each individual and solidifies teamwork. Believing great companies are built on winning teams, Jude's philosophy isn't just a workplace idea, it's a way of life. Jude is engaged and spends his free time with his fiancée, reading tech books and playing video games. Passionate about technology and innovation and taking a formulaic approach to business, Jude believes perfection and result is only achieved when you do something you love repeatedly. He'll tell you smashing targets is good, but what gets him excited is showing customers clear value and helping his team communicate that value to customers.

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