What is Doorstep Dispatch?

Doorstep dispatch services is a delivery platform that provides you a medium(app/website) to order food and deliver packages effortlessly with a few clicks.

Where is Doorstep Dispatch Available?

Doorstep dispatch is available all around Lagos

How Do I Start Using DoorStep Dispatch Services App?

What if I Have A Problem With My Order?

We are here to help. Kindly contact our support team from within the app and we would take care of your issue(s).

Will My Delivery Personnel Bring The Food/ Parcel To My Door?

Your delivery personnel would bring your food or parcel right to your door/office/ place of convenience.

Do I Need To Tip The Delivery Personnel?

Tips are not expected. You can rate your experience each time you order.

Have another question we did not answer her? Kindly send a mail to or call us o +234808466688 or send a message to any of our social media handles. @doorstep_ng for instagram and twitter or doorstepdispatch on facebook.